Here are some clips of our trip to Colorado for SPOOKY TINGS,  Halloween, 2011 on the MOTHERSHIP TOUR.  

Getting to this point of driving to Colorado was not an easy one.  While on our way to San Francisco from Portland our tour bus broke down, first stranding us in Shasta, Northern California. Making us miss that show and then finally breaking completely down in Reno, Nevada.  We grabbed the first flight out of Reno to meet up with the flagship bus in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The video picks up on that drive through Wyoming heading to Colorado.  

I get to interview some key players on the Mothership tour, Jesse and Phil… man I love these guys!!!

Colorado show was crazy… biggest show of the tour with special guest added to the already crazy line up, SKREAM & BENGA and NERO LIVE.  Massive line up and massive turn out.

There was one problem, well it wasn’t a problem for me… Broomfield, CO. shuts down really early and there was no way to get our crew feed after a long long day of work.  Simple solution if you ask me… find me a BBQ and a grocery store and let me get cooking.  BBQ bacon chicken sandwiches, bacon burgers, roasted potatoes, and salad.  I even got down for our vegetarians, I BBQ’d tofu.  Yup I said it, BBQ’d tofu.  I have never heard of that but I was able to do it.  I had some much fun that and I guess it all tasted good enough that I was able to do it the two nights we were there in beautiful Colorado.