Stoked to see my homies on the Nine Inch Nails web site with their “Head Like A Hole” Remix.  big up Mustache Riot (Natty Freq and We Bang) and Direct Feed

check out @thedirectfeed new tunes out on BEATPORT….


@thedirectfeed “Thinking About You” is dedicated to his daughterAlex, who is fighting with all her heart and soul stage 4 cancer.  She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.  This coming monday is a big day, this is off his Facebook status:

finally talked to the DR., surgery Monday. this is a good thing. :) she is trucking through this process. if she didn’t have it Monday it would have been another 6 weeks of chemo first. so this means its come down in size rather quick and they are comfortable enough in her blood counts to go in and do the surgery.


Sometimes in life we get caught up in our mundane existence.  We create our own daily struggles, battles and worries that have no real importance in the big picture of life… if its our debt, our girlfriend, our social status, our twitter feed, who is friends with who, our starbucks not hot enough etc… all these things I see really bother people and make or break an other wise great day.  

Ever have those moments when something comes around and smacks you in the back of the head to make you remember what is really important in life? and that is life its self.  I know I have done things to myself that I have to live with, my diet, my drinking, smoking and any other bad thing I choose to do that will most definitely effect me in older age.  Well for me a moment that has woken me the fuck up is when I heard one of my good friends, David Houser’s 4 year old daughter Alex,  was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  I know I have mentioned it before but it still weighs heavy on my mind.  She did nothing to deserve this, she is literally fighting for survival.  The road to recovery is going to be a long and daunting one, but she is strong, stronger than any of us.  I couldn’t imagine what she must be thinking, the confusion of what is happening to her.  Alex is so bright, smart and a beautiful little girl it just breaks my heart.

With life certain things like this we don’t get to choose the hand that we’ve been dealt.  As the doctors visits continue and she battles the ongoing chemotherapy it not only takes a toll on this young girl it also taxes heavily on her parents.  And by taxes we all know emotionally they are just gutted and but also physically and financially it too takes on a hefty cost.  When the bills pile in, and they miss days of work and school to be by their daughters side their world and lifestyle are totally reshaped.  A sacrifice any good parent is willing to make.  As a friend it is hard for me to sit back and not be able to do anything.  But I can do something, i can help bring awareness to this situation and hopefully help make a little difference and contribute any way I can.  

The song that i am sharing was produced by Alex’s father, Direct Feed.  This is part of a compilation that will be out for sale soon with the proceeds going to lil Alex.  I get emotional when i hear this song… Alex, Dave, Katie and Austin I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

you can donate directly here to help with the bills

Forthcoming on Dub Chamber….dedicated to my daughter Alex who is struggling with stage 4 cancer at the moment. The album will feature tunes from Dj K / Tester / Krinjah / 16armedjack / Oscar Da Grouch and more. =D

yo… Jungle Riddim crew members have a new EP out from NATTY FREQ called WHIZARD PISS…out on the new label SMASHED BEATS, with a tune from Jungle Riddim vocalist RED OCTOBER and colabs with DIRECT FEED and WE BANG…

this lil video is a promo featuring clips of all the songs…. peep it and reblog if you can

@thedirectfeed tune on Moombahluv compilation by Generation Bass

so i am not sure what happened to the mad decent blog so i am hitting you with the direct link.  Generation Bass put out a new moombahluv compilation with Direct Feed featured on it.  I am so stoked for Direct Feed ( @thedirectfeed twitter link).  I have been bumping this tune Deeper Love since the day he finished it.  I love hearing how his style and production has developed and changed over the years.  i hope you peep it and enjoy.

@thedirectfeed tune feat in compulation on Mad Decent Blog

I know a lot of people that follow this blog love MOOMBAHTON so this one is for you… and if you don’t know what it is maybe this will help you figure it out.  Hope you enjoy

Today the Mothership Tour is in Topeka Kansas (no idea where that is) and while sitting in a hotel room doing work for my Jungle Riddim artists back home I received some great news… one of Direct Feed’s ( @thedirectfeed twitter link) tunes “Deeper Love” made it on a compulation featured on MAD DECENT’s blog ( @maddecent twitter link).  peep it out and i hope you enjoy it.

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here is the clip of that song Digital Meltdown by Natty Freq and Direct feed… these two artist are working hard in the studio, hope you enjoy it.

post more up soon.