One of the most exciting things for me during this tour is checking out different venues around the country.  The Skrillex Mothership Tour takes a special place to house it… first it has to be big enough, mean it has to be able to fit the Skrillex Cell on it and sound enough to handle all the bass from the PK sound rig.  Some venues are warehouse type places, some are giant auditoriums and others are theaters with the seats taken out.  These venues all different ages have a history to them, all have stories. 

I love history… and in Lawrence, Kansas I had a chance to touch a little history.  The venue used for the show was the Liberty Hall. 

As soon as i stepped down a set of steep steps I realized i was going back into time.  The person bringing me down instantly started telling me that i was walking into an old speak easy.  This was music to my ears and I instantly started asking more questions about this old building.  I was being told stories of ghost, hidden tunnels, the under ground railroad, fires and legends that have shared the stage.

Ghosts and hidden tunnels… under ground railroad OMG this was some American history first hand.  I felt like i was back in 6h grade camp learning about the wilds of the earth all over again.  I recanted every story i heard back to the other crew mates on tour.  Upon further review I’m believe they might have been making some of the stuff up, pulling my leg so to speak…. but who really knows.

From 1855 to 1856, an abolitionist newspaper called “The Herald of Freedom” was published there but it burned down.  Now the story i got was that it was burnt down during the Civil War, but that war was from 1861-1854 and that the Missouri Confederate army came into the “free” state of Kansas and burned down the building.  But the building was already burned down 5 years before the Civil War.  Upon studing of Liberty Hall I found out that it was actually the Sheriff of Lawrence that burned it down… all hatered and ignorance is the same but my facts giv