@thedirectfeed tune on Moombahluv compilation by Generation Bass

so i am not sure what happened to the mad decent blog so i am hitting you with the direct link.  Generation Bass put out a new moombahluv compilation with Direct Feed featured on it.  I am so stoked for Direct Feed ( @thedirectfeed twitter link).  I have been bumping this tune Deeper Love since the day he finished it.  I love hearing how his style and production has developed and changed over the years.  i hope you peep it and enjoy.


@thedirectfeed tune feat in compulation on Mad Decent Blog

I know a lot of people that follow this blog love MOOMBAHTON so this one is for you… and if you don’t know what it is maybe this will help you figure it out.  Hope you enjoy

Today the Mothership Tour is in Topeka Kansas (no idea where that is) and while sitting in a hotel room doing work for my Jungle Riddim artists back home I received some great news… one of Direct Feed’s ( @thedirectfeed twitter link) tunes “Deeper Love” made it on a compulation featured on MAD DECENT’s blog ( @maddecent twitter link).  peep it out and i hope you enjoy it.