Best BBQ of 2011 (other than my own) goes to 12 BONES in Asheville, North Carolina.  Most of North Carolina considers BBQ only vinegar pulled pork (which is amazing too)  But this part of North Carolina they mix it up.  Seriously for flavor, taste, and diversity of menu it was off the chain.  Their claim to fame is that Obama ate there, damn straight he ate there… its the best BBQ around.  I had failed to find top notch BBQ while on tour and this made my hunt complete.  I will always hold 12 Bones close to my heart.  I even bought their Dry Rub, a bottle of their spicy vinegar and a bottle of blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce.  

My mouth is still watering just thinking about it.

in the Mothership production office bumping some oldies…

"I’m your puppet" by james and bobby purify

I love all kinds of music but I really love BASS music. I want to contribute and use my skill sets, learn new skills and be a part of a movement.  Being on the Skrillex Mothership Tour is an amazing thing and I am learning sooooo much, developing lasting relationships, and thankful everyday that I am involved with this team.  

If you know me then you know some of my other passions, FOOD, I love to get down in the kitchen and cook it up on the BBQ.  That is why I feel so blessed to have been asked to put some of my passions to the test and share my BBQ at SMOG’s 5 year anniversary on NOVEMBER 25th , 2011.  I give thanks everyday for the people around me and the things that I have and its an honor to share this the day after Thanksgiving making it even more special.

It has long been standing philosophy of mine  that building lasting relationships does not happen solely in bars and clubs… something more has to happen, breaking bread so to speak is a way to build a community and grow family ties.  SMOG is a family and being able to cook for all my brothers and sisters is something to truly be thankful for.

for info and tickets on SMOG’s 5 year follow this link

@blackmagicyouth (Robby) slangin that @12thplanet merch in Devil Jersey during the #mothershiptour

@blackmagicyouth (Robby) slangin that @12thplanet merch in Devil Jersey during the #mothershiptour