@skrillex mothership tour recap…. i get my singing debut. soooo many fond memories!!!! i love that gig!!!  

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Best BBQ of 2011 (other than my own) goes to 12 BONES in Asheville, North Carolina.  Most of North Carolina considers BBQ only vinegar pulled pork (which is amazing too)  But this part of North Carolina they mix it up.  Seriously for flavor, taste, and diversity of menu it was off the chain.  Their claim to fame is that Obama ate there, damn straight he ate there… its the best BBQ around.  I had failed to find top notch BBQ while on tour and this made my hunt complete.  I will always hold 12 Bones close to my heart.  I even bought their Dry Rub, a bottle of their spicy vinegar and a bottle of blueberry chipotle BBQ sauce.  

My mouth is still watering just thinking about it.

best lamp of 2011… Liberty Hall,Lawrence Kansas.  @skrillex #mothership tour 

best lamp of 2011… Liberty Hall,Lawrence Kansas.  @skrillex #mothership tour 


It’s a compound kinda Christmas!  (Taken with instagram)
such a fun night with some amazing people!!!! Danny United hiding behind the camera 


It’s a compound kinda Christmas! (Taken with instagram)

such a fun night with some amazing people!!!! Danny United hiding behind the camera 

who ever knew Santa was such a ruffneck… big up @skrillex love this video man!!! i’m felling like this santa at the moment =)

One of the most exciting things for me during this tour is checking out different venues around the country.  The Skrillex Mothership Tour takes a special place to house it… first it has to be big enough, mean it has to be able to fit the Skrillex Cell on it and sound enough to handle all the bass from the PK sound rig.  Some venues are warehouse type places, some are giant auditoriums and others are theaters with the seats taken out.  These venues all different ages have a history to them, all have stories. 

I love history… and in Lawrence, Kansas I had a chance to touch a little history.  The venue used for the show was the Liberty Hall. 

As soon as i stepped down a set of steep steps I realized i was going back into time.  The person bringing me down instantly started telling me that i was walking into an old speak easy.  This was music to my ears and I instantly started asking more questions about this old building.  I was being told stories of ghost, hidden tunnels, the under ground railroad, fires and legends that have shared the stage.

Ghosts and hidden tunnels… under ground railroad OMG this was some American history first hand.  I felt like i was back in 6h grade camp learning about the wilds of the earth all over again.  I recanted every story i heard back to the other crew mates on tour.  Upon further review I’m believe they might have been making some of the stuff up, pulling my leg so to speak…. but who really knows.

From 1855 to 1856, an abolitionist newspaper called “The Herald of Freedom” was published there but it burned down.  Now the story i got was that it was burnt down during the Civil War, but that war was from 1861-1854 and that the Missouri Confederate army came into the “free” state of Kansas and burned down the building.  But the building was already burned down 5 years before the Civil War.  Upon studing of Liberty Hall I found out that it was actually the Sheriff of Lawrence that burned it down… all hatered and ignorance is the same but my facts giv

Alright… here we go with Mothership Tour in Lawrence, Kansas.  Let me tell you I had really been looking forward to getting into Kansas and trying their BBQ.  I love the sweet style of brown sugar and molasses BBQ that they are known for and my mission was to find and taste this goodness!!!

As I stepped out of the amazing old venue, Liberty Hall and onto the street I felt like i had been taken back in time.  I walked into a book store and found it filled with cool cats and books.  Continuing down the street it was refreashingly filled with mom & pop shops all the way down.  The rain was steady falling and the wind was whipping up something fierce… that didn’t stop me from jumping in puddles and enjoying the weather.  While looking for a non starbucks coffee shop i started smelling the amazing fragrances of that smell I love so much, BBQ.  Buffalo Bobs BBQ was right before my eyes.  I walked right in and meet 2 customers both tipping the scales at over 300 lbs. each.  I knew i was in the right place.  Right away i ask what the best thing on the menu is… their reply, the burnt ends and sausage!!!!  ok, I can mess with that.  I instantly asked the hostess for a to-go / catering menu.  If the Mothership wasn’t interested in BBQ that night I knew I would be.  The price was right, the food was appetizing and the food was served!!!

I was really impressed.  The sausage was pretty damn amazing.  The pulled pork was moist and tasted great with some sauce. Their brisket was way better then anything I had in Texas but all in all I still hadn’t found my holy grail of BBQ.  I give Buffalo Bobs BBQ a 7 out of 10.  I do have to say that up to that point that was the best i had experienced while on tour.   

i love being able to cook for the crew of this tour… nothing like 4am bbq!!!!