knowledge from Steve Duda @steve_duda

Somewhere along the many hours on the road i had a really cool conversation with Steve Duda, actually I have had a lot of cool conversations with this dude, Mr Duda and I will share those later.

He shared a story from his driver education teacher in high school… “you can’t focus on the obstacles, you have to focus on the open road.”  Such a great metaphor for doing new things in life.  Seeing the big picture and not focusing on the road blocks you will enjoy the ride a lot more even if you don’t know where you are going.  If you are worried about every car on the road you will miss the beauty of the open road.  

I have never been to Utah until yesterday and even though i only made it to the great salt lake at the giant and historic Saltair i would defiantly go back.  Yes I was a little paranoid of all the mormon laws but the people were so cool and chill it made it all worth it.  I have to be honest i have never seen 6 thousand people at a show that wasn’t a festival or massive.  All these kids came out just for the MOTHERSHIP TOUR…

Steve Duda (twitter @steve_duda ) opened up and gave the kids just what they needed, some bomb techno… making a perfect transition over to Nadastrom (twitter @nadastrom ).  Salt Lake City loved Moombahton which the crowd of thousands chanted for more more more… I don’t know if i have ever heard moombahton played sooo loud on such a big system, they really commanded the crowd!!!! They were a perfect warm up for 12th Planet (twitter @12thplanet ) who with his very first tone turned this hyped crowd into a giant school of hungry sharks set into a feeding frenzy eating off bass and boom!!!! His mic presence moved the crowd… hearing 6000 bass hungry kids yelling 12th Planet in unison is majestic event bring chills to my body.  12th Planet was literally all over the place, pacing back and forth in the DJ booth, jumping on the the decks, stage diving, rocking the mic and doing some really good DJing.  Doing all this work, just to get them ready for the main act that was out of this world, SKRILLEX (twitter @skrillex).  12th Planet ended with a tune that himself and SKRILLEX had produceed “CHANGES”.  With 12th Planet standing on top of the decks with a lighter burning bright and six thousand fans left hanging on his every word… 12th made a call to “change”, with lighters, cell phones, and glow sticks all raised to the air the kids all answered the call… they were finally ready for the MOTHERSHIP to touch down… SKRILLEX came, saw and conquered Salt Lake City.  My review of Skrillex’s show is incomplete due to the fact that i was asked to cook for the whole crew, staff and artist at the last minute.  More of that to come…

The video clip is a little moment when 12th Planet played “Changes” by 12th Planet and Skrillex… HUGE TUNE, HUGE RESPONSE!!! 

THE MOTHERSHIP TOUR has taken off from its home planet and has made first contact with Earth in San Diego.  The crowd already wrapped around the Padres Stadium, Nadastrom (twitter @nadastrom) touched down and dropped the first beats of the tour.  The crowd already in the hundreds soon turned into thousands and in no time they captivated the crowd with pulsating moombahton. (**Nadastrom 1st picture**)

Getting all brain waves on the same frequency they were ready for contact with a true extraterrestrial, 12th PLANET (twitter @12thplanet).  From the second the first tune was delivered to the ears of mass amount of believers all bass hell broke out.  Hands reached up to the sky and rocking in time looking like a sea anemone moving in the tide… hands high in the air and slamming down to the thump of the bass.  Hearing him play tunes fresh from the lab with colaberations with some of the biggest bass prophets in the scene was a true blessing to the soul.  As the set built up and the sounds of Doctor P’s “Tetris” came through the speakers 12th PLANET launched himself from the stage into the crowd setting them into a wild frenzy and as he road the wave of people a special guest stepped onto the stage, Z Trip (twitter @ztrip).  This DJ icon grabbed the mic and hyped the crowed into a even higher fever, turning up the heat as 12th PLANET returned to stage he continued to MC for 12th.  I’ve seen Z Trip chat upon his own set but never anyone elses like this before.  Up to this point i could have left and felt completely satisfied with the experience i had just received but as 12th PLANET set ended there was an energy building within the crowd. (**12th Planet 2nd Picture**)

Static and electrifying experience was about to take place, a rapture was happening and everyone had been teleported to the Mothership, SKRILLEX (twitter @skrillex) took the stage for a set like no other with 3D mapping, computer generation, huge sound and amazing music.  He entertains like no other.  The pure vibe that he creates and the energy he brings you see why Sonny Moore has reached the levels he has.  Loving it all, my ears were even more tickled when i heard the one drop of a sweet reggae melody “Welcome To Jamrock” (dubstep remix) came slamming through the subs and the crowds levels jumped from earth to the upper atmosphere.  Always excited for a little skank in my music i was even more surprised when several minuets later i hard a tempo not usually found in a dubstep arena, a 180 bpm jungle break once again i thought it couldn’t get better but then the vocal dropped and he played my favorite jungle sound, RAGGA!!!! The crowd ate it up like a fat boy on a diet’s first twinkie relapse.  SKRILLEX took the crowd from the upper atmosphere to out of this world.  This MOTHERSHIP TOUR touched down and took with it thousands of San Diegians souls, turning the non believer into believers and believers into fanatics. (**Skrillex 3rd & 4th picture**)

I had to high tail it over to the Voyeur (twitter @voyeursd) the most talked about and hottest clubs in San Diego to get things set up for the first of many after parties on this tour.  The San Diego Gaslamp Quarter was all ready going off and the Voyeur was in full swing at 10:30pm.  The opening resident DJ was controlling the crowd, warming them up as the guest were catching their buzz and loosing up on the dance floor.  Steve Duda (twitter @steve_duda) set up his unique rig using an IPad and Monome256 he rocked something in between a live PA and DJ type set. I was quite amazed at his show and so were the hundreds of people already there.  Steve Duda was the only known artist playing the after party but the buzz in the air was that 12th PLANET and SKRILLEX would soon join the festivities to either just play and party or to rock the spot.  Well the crowd soon figured out that the hype was true… SKRILLEX and 12th PLANET blew them away going back to back feeding off the others engery they were dancing and moving just as hard as the crowd.  Now this next part of the review brings a tear to my eye… those two got away with playing over a half hour of DNB inside the club. Everyone ate it up and most didn’t know what to do with themselves except dance dance dance!!!! THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!  With the lights turned on in an attempt to move the crowd out of the building no one was leaving cause the bass was still feeding their soul and when the music was off still no one wanted to leave, wanting and wishing for just one more song and one more moment of time with these amazing artists.  From the start to the very last moment i will not forget one second of that night. (**Steve Duda 5th picture**)

The first show and after party is officially in the books and wow what a ride it has been. In just 48 hours I have left my world of comfort and ease and entered a world of labor, hustle, long drives and tight quarters and you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Before i finish this little blog session I have to shout out and give lots of love to the San Diego Voyeur NIght Club and the LED Presents (twitter @LEDpresents) crew for being very gracious and accommodating hosts at both Petco Park and at the Voyeur.  It was crazy and hectic but between the hosts, security and sound engineer they helped make all of the Mothership staff and all of our guest feel comfortable.  THANK YOU

Riding With Riddim,